MethylScape concept

Literature confirmation

“…tumor cells generally exhibit genome-wide hypomethylation and localized hypermethylation….

Thus, the identification of epigenetic alterations “…improved cancer diagnosis and effective treatments”

Zhang W1, Xu J1.
Biomark Res. 2017; 5: 1.


How does it work?

The electrode's ability to separate blood from cancer patients and normal patients is extraordinary

Epigenetically reprogrammed methylation landscape drives the DNA self-assembly and serves as a universal cancer biomarker


p value less than 10 e-15











Summary of our technology and potential uses

  • Unique global physical-chemistry change

  • Direct electrical readout

  • Replaces expensive, time consuming, brute force, bi-sulfite and problematic sequencing with elegant, simple electrode.

  • 100x Savings