Our Dream

A rapid, inexpensive, universal, pan-cancer screening test.

Press Release July 9, 2020

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A novel rapid cancer diagnostic technology with the potential to quickly and easily detect cancer has been licensed for further development.


Our first product -TheraScape ™

Watch your treatment work!

Target, Kill and Confirm.

Typically, it takes 3 months for scans to show if a cancer is shrinking. "Pseudo-progression" is the term used when scans are wrong, showing an increase in size despite effective therapy.

TheraScape provide a true reading of cancer DNA from a simple blood test. The first use of TheraScape will be in trials of new drugs. Pharma wants to know early if a drug is working. Clinical trial use is not FDA regulated.

CLIA lab(s) can provide the testing to doctors and patients so every person can be sure their therapy is working.

Ultimately every oncologist will be able to do this test in their office.

Are you ready for the revolution?